Our Services

Non Destructive Hydro-Excavating

iVac uses only modern, state of the art equipment to provide our services. Safety, productivity, compliance and a fierce dedication to documented operator training sets us apart from all others. When you have iVac on site, you can rest assured that every aspect of the project will be completed properly and seamlessly.

Services include:

  • Slot trenching
  • Locate confirmations
  • Hydro pole/post holes
  • Excavate frozen ground
  • Expose utilities safely
  • Test holes
  • Daylighting

Industrial Cleaning

Today’s environmental legislation demands expertise in operational and legislative compliance along with a passion for getting the job done in a safe and productive manner. With years of industrial cleaning and waste disposal expertise on your side, you can be assured that every aspect of your project will be of the highest quality. With MOECC complaint hydro excavation units, rigorously trained operators and a complete team of experts overseeing every job we lead the industry in peace of mind.

Services include:

  • Hot wash services
  • Vacuum services
  • Building cleanups
  • Waste disposal
  • Site remediation
  • Manhole cleanout
  • Media removal

Sub-Service Utility Engineering

Understanding locates, working with other contractors, dealing with the public and complying with utility provers presents an ever evolving challenge. iVac has teams dedicated and trained for every aspect of sub service work that can assist with utility coordination, utility relocation design, condition assessment and communication of data to third parties.

Services include:

  • Assist with utility coordination
  • Assist with utility relocation design
  • Assist with utility condition assessment
  • Assist with communication of data to third parties

HDD Drilling & Coring

With a complete fleet of specialized and properly sized Horizontal Directional Drilling machines and the team to operate them efficiently, we are the leading experts in electrical / communications cables and ducts. We install in rock, shale, clay and peat in residential or downtown congested sites. Complemented with Coring equipment we are leading providers for the top Telco’s in Canada from coast to coast.

Services include:

  • Electrical / communications cables and ducts
  • Installed in rock, shale, clay and peat
  • Concrete & asphalt coring